Community Resiliency Symposium

Gauging How Prepared New London County is for the Future

Thames Valley Sustainable Connections brings together experts to discuss food, health, infrastructure, natural resources, and the economy – Highlighting the impact these factors will have on Southeastern CT

Thursday, June 14, 2018 – Lyman Allyn Art Museum – Registration @ 8:30 – 9 a.m.

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Like it or not, the fact remains that everything is “connected” through community. Whether it’s throughthe environment that impacts the food, water, and air that we all must use to survive and thrive, or through the physical infrastructure created by our roads, cities, and the local economy, or even throughthe “nonphysical” technology infrastructure that drives our social media interactions as well as many of our daily responsibilities and buying habits – It is crucial to explore how activities in one key area effect all the other aspects of our lives.

In short, this is a complicated matter with many layers interwoven to create the fabric of our community. With that in mind, a team of sponsors, including, Thames Valley Sustainable Connections (TVSC), New London Local First, Sustainable CT, and CT Food System Alliance are assembling a collectionof local and national experts to address this “interconnectedness” and explore the ways in which allthese facets touch our daily lives.

The end goal – To explain how the health of our community and its people will determine our quality of life as well as our general preparedness to mitigate and adapt to a wide variety of economic, natural, and behavioral disruptions that could change our regional framework for years to come.

To achieve a broader understanding of this interrelatedness, we are focusing on 5 key impact areas:

  • Local Food Sources
  • Electric Grid & Alternative Energy
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Health Programs
  • Local Infrastructure & Bicycling

Here’s 5 reasons how these key areas interrelate – we’re sure you can think of more:

First, our food sources are directly linked to our overall health. If we eat healthier foods it’s better for us,we go to the doctor less, this impacts the ability for communities to provide health programs.

Second, food should also be directly linked to environmental and infrastructure concerns. Food grown and raised in a clean, natural environment means we are eating foods that are better for us.

If our irrigation is not in place, things can’t grow. If our roads are run down, transportation is an issue –Both infrastructure concerns.

Third, we depend on electricity. We are energy “junkies”. It’s how things get made, done and consumed these days. We must keep the power flowing. But let’s be smart about it.

Renewable energy naturally leads us to a more sustainable future.

Fourth, sustainable housing means improving where we live. Its impacts can be environmental if we look to solar and wind power solutions. Natural resources that are abundant in SE Connecticut. Housing also links to local infrastructure.

And Finally, creating sustainable habits, even something as simple as increasing bicycle use, improves our physical health, reduces pollution and saves communities money.

Check out this article that calculates economic impact by using the city of Copenhagen as an example:

Economic impact of bicycle commuting by Ben Shiller

How bicycling will save the economy (if we let it) by Elly Blue

With all this in mind, join us for a symposium of experts who put these areas into the context of where we stand right now in New London County, as well as what it takes to build resiliency into our community and neighborhood revitalization initiates in the future.

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Seating is limited.

For more information contact: info@TVSCI.Org or call (860) 439-0016



TVSC, through partnerships and collaborative projects, will enhance the environmental, business, and social climate in Greater New London through advocacy and promotion of proven local economic programs that foster sustainable, socially equitable, and economically sound policies. The goal is a healthy, vibrant, and exciting region with a bright future.