Local First – Where the Environment, the Economy, Our Culture and the Community Intersect

New London Local First among a growing trend in promoting sustainability in America’s cities and towns

What started as a simple cultural meme in 2002, at Balle’s first annual business conference, “Local First” has grown into a new way of impacting the local economy. The idea of shopping and keeping dollars in the community is not new – in recent years it’s been reborn into a movement across the U.S. with world-renowned cities leading the charge – like San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and more than five distinct organizations in the Boston Metro area alone!

Here in New London, we are a part of something – And we’re in good company.

Founded by Art Costa with the support of local businesses and advisors from Boston’s Local First in 2008, New London Local First is built on a simple premise: If we spend our dollars in locally owned, independent stores and shops, more dollars will stay circulating in our community, thus helping other social causes that are important to us all – such as education, non- profits, parks, public space, food, and water resources.

Research across the U.S. has proven this point time and again. For example, a 2011 study in Maine showed that on a dollar for dollar basis, the impact of locally owned businesses has more of an economic impact on a community than that of national chain stores, like big box brands.

Garrett Martin and Amar Patel, from the Maine Center for Economic Policy, found that every $100 spent at locally owned stores contributes an additional $58 to the economy. In comparison, $100 spent at chain stores only contributed $33 to the local economy. In the researchers’ final conclusion, if residents of Portland, ME shifted just 10% of spending to local, independently owned businesses, it would generate $127 million in local economic activity and create approximately 874 new jobs.

At last! The concept of sustainability within reach.
Let’s stay excited and promote all the things that make New London Great!

Throughout 2018, you will hear and see more from us at New London Local First as we campaign to raise awareness and support for our local New London business members.

Keep an eye out for us on Facebook and encourage your friends and family to give local a try.

We will also be printing our 9th annual local business directory. This is more than just a listing of local restaurants, stores, and professional services. The NLLF Directory gives wonderful insights on local museums, galleries, events, and recreational ideas for friends and families.

This year, we will send out email articles and information about local happenings as well. If you live in New London, be sure to get on our list. It’s FREE. And it’s one way to be eligible for coupons and offers from nearby businesses.

We aim to connect our community with the business community – and revitalize the city together. If you want to learn more about membership, visit NLLF on the web.


New London Local First (a project of TVSCI.org), through partnerships and collaborative projects, will enhance the environmental, business, and social climate in Greater New London through advocacy and promotion of proven local economic programs that foster sustainable, socially equitable, and economically sound policies. The goal is a healthy, vibrant, and exciting region with a bright future.

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